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New Brand

New Brand is a brand that considers your elegance and health in the choices it makes regarding the patterns and the raw materials of its tracksuits. It provides you with great comfort to act flexibly during the day. In addition to the potential usage it offers during sports activities, tracksuits are very useful models that allow you to have freedom of movement during the day. Since these tracksuits are made using cotton and lycra fabrics, they protect you against sweating, and they are designed with your comfort in mind. New Brand aims to appeal to many different tastes with its variety of cuts and its summer and winter models have different characteristics. Thick fabrics are used in the production of winter products with the purpose of keeping you warm, while the summer designs are produced in manner to keep you from sweating and to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the day. The models that are designed in accordance with the trends usually include pocket details. New Brand products have zipped pockets that allow you to take your cell phone or wallet with you during sports activities or when you need to go out quickly. 


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