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Tie is one of the most important accessories to choose on special occasions or in business. The tie, which is accepted as the great detail of that noble posture , will attract the attention of those around you with its harmony in the combi. Especially if you are not missing the suit, it is very important that the tie fits with the shirt as well as with the pocket handkerchief. We need to act meticulously in the harmony of these parts which cannot be separated from each other. Although the parts that make up the suit are trousers, jackets, vests and shirts, only the wrong selection of ties will adversely affect your combi. Let's choose the appropriate tie, of course, but there are many models of tie classic, slim, knitting, plexi, such as those who may have a suggestion. The fabric, color, pattern and pattern of the selected shirt, whether suits or not, influence the choice of ties. When you say shirt model, if you prefer a shirt with a wide collar, you should check out the wide tie models . In the wide collar shirt, the narrow pattern will not be very pleasant as the tie will remain small. If our shirt is patterned, the simple tie selection will be number ten. Striped shirt and tie is undesirable. In addition, the tie to be used should not be the same color as the suit. You can examine our ties with many models and colors and you can buy the product that suits your boiler.

Stylish man's tie accessory. Tie is an essential part of suit combinations. If the right combination suits every man suit. You like to wear suits, but you can't find the right tie? The choice of ties is a challenge for many men. When there are many tie models, it is difficult to get out of the business. Classic, slim, knitting, plexi, silk, satin, fabric, plaid, simple, clip-on, there are many models such as tie, when choosing the most suitable for your combination and style should be determined. So how do you find the tie that suits your boiler? Let's give you a few tips to make it practical and easy.

There are important points to consider when choosing your tie. You must remember that your tie must always be compatible with your combination. Stylish serious or simple, you should choose the tie that suits your style. When choosing the pattern, color and pattern of the tie, you should consider which environments you will use. Choosing a tie that is darker than the color of the shirt will make you look more serious. Matte colors capture the harmony of any team, choosing matte colors can make your job easier. Moreover, the necktie must be chosen in the right size, you should choose a necktie that ends just above your belt and wraps around your neck. The harmony of the tie with the handkerchief is also very important. The choice of handkerchief pattern and fabric is not the same as your tie will show you more elegant.

Regardless of the season, the season, men who love classic dress, trends, style and fashion of the period to follow, will reveal your elegance will help you find the appropriate tie model. You can create your style with suits and complementary tie models that we frequently see in business life, which are indispensable for special days.

You should also consider the shirt model when making your choice of ties. When you prefer wide collar shirts, you should combine with wide model ties because narrow model ties will remain small. Again, it will not be nice to combine patterned shirts with plain ties, while both shirts and ties are patterned and striped.

While solid ties are often used, using assertive ties with a simple set will give you a stylish stance. solid color shirts fit almost any tie, but if you prefer striped shirts, the tie must be opposite to the lines on the tie.

Even though there are many models including plain, striped, motif, dot pattern, plaid and floral, the necktie with wide stripes, thin stripes and diagonal stripes are the most preferred patterns and models because it is easy to combine. Too long ties do not look elegant, and it is undesirable to stick the tie into the trousers or tie the waist. It is better to pay attention to the harmony of colors in the combinations you make with ties. The color matching of your shirt is very important. If you are going to combine the same colors with different shades of the same color you prefer to use will create a nice image. When choosing a tie, one's attention to harmony with eye color and skin color and contrast is the key to being style. One of the best accessories to use with ties is the tie pins. The tie pin is used to prevent a bad image from hanging when you need to lean forward. By using a tie pin, you can prevent this situation and make your combi more elegant with the tie pin you choose. Often there are those who use tie pins to create style. Insert the tie pin in the upper part of the tie. You can examine our ties with many models and colors and you can buy the product that suits your boiler.


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