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Boxer continues to be indispensable in your men's underwear closets. Since underwear is as important as outerwear, active men who prefer comfort in daily life generally prefer to wear copper. Boxer models addressing all men with different models are presented to your liking at Different sizes and colors, as well as printed and simple copper varieties can be reached easily.


If you give importance to comfort because of the rush of life, you should pay attention to the materials used in the selection of copper . More copper blends will not upset you about sweating and disturbing copper. Copper production is made by many companies and its content consists of cotton lycra modal and elastane mixtures. With different brands, cuts and model diversity, coulfate offers copper models that every man would prefer.

Male Copper

Male copper is usually narrow, wraps around the body and has a flexible structure. This type of copper has a structure that can keep you in shape with its flexibility and enveloping structure at your daily pace. Moreover, unlike the body wraps, wide comfortable copper models are preferred by classic loving men. Copper or slim, whether you buy underwear product, especially from the outside of the rubber parts should be preferred.

Copper Models

Male copper modelsas well as prints with a lot of attention. In underwear, male copper has the most colorful world in terms of diversity. In the old boxer / slim / panties products, white color was replaced by the current train, plain copper, striped copper, checkered copper and different picture prints. The front buttoned ones of copper worn as a shorts provide ease of use. Let's coulfate those who don't like to shop on underwear in stores. Elegant plain or patterned baxer - slip - panty models with coulfate. Hundreds of copper by filtering between your favorite product to determine the size of your basket and throw it. The rest is up to you whether you want to pay at the door or by credit card you can order by wire transfer method.


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