The plaza elegance of men who demonstrate a disciplined stance in corporate business life. Examine Business style men's clothing combinations.

Mustard Color Blazer and Navy Jean Pants Men's Combination


Classic Clothing

Business clothing style is the preferred clothing style in corporate, formal business life. The business style, which is British clothing style, is also considered as classic clothing in our own language. Well, let's look for an answer to the question “What is classic clothing ?. Classic clothing is the most formal clothing style in men's styles. When you are considered as a profession, it is a formal dress style that should be preferred in private institutions, banks, government agencies and companies, and even in the office. With these stereotypes, it is also known as office clothing style and attorney clothing style . Men's classic blazer jackets wearing slim fit fabric trousers shirts, which are also stereotyped for attorney's wear, reflect the classic clothing style.

Men's Classic Clothing Combinations

The clothing which is evaluated in the combination of men's classic clothing consists of three sets (Blazer jacket, vest and fabric pants) and double sets (blazer jacket, fabric pants). Classic clothing models include men's classic shirts, fabric pants, and vest and blazer jackets of the same color. Oxford type, cap toe, derby, brogue plain classic shoe models should be preferred by choosing more types of shoes compared to the past. In addition to simple shoe models, coat strap models are preferred to be preferred as mobile or even the most mobile models. Classic clothing styleThere are two main accessories that are a must in the male combinations. These are the “belt gereken, which should always be color and texture compatible with the shoe, and the“ tie gereken, which should be a blazer and shirt color combination match. The person who will wear the clothes used in classical clothing combinations should choose the appropriate type of body and structure. There are slim fit and regular fit mold options to be used in classic clothing style men's combiners. For non-mandatory workplaces and office wear combos that are free to choose, one can evaluate the choice of these two patterns according to his / her own body and taste in classic clothing combins.

Classic Clothing Combinations

Accessories have an important place in classic clothing and corporate business combinations in the office . But you need to choose different accessories for the style which has two different clothing rules. Corporate wear prohibited from using exaggerated jewelerybronze, tie, cufflinks and stylish wristwatches always have an important place. Bronze and watch preferences should be exaggerated, stylish and harmonious. In office style, you can choose more free accessories. Exaggerated and compatible with the combination of models with the condition that the bronze, jacket pin, lapel pin, denim button, ring, stylish wristband and watch models are among the preferable accessories. However, it is necessary to know that using all of them together will cause an exaggerated and rough appearance. Classic clothing combinations require a balanced look, so you need to make choices that suit the suit's posture.

Business Clothing

Business wear style is very different from Business casual and smart casual styles mixed with name similarities. Blended with the style of Business clothing Business Casual; office elegance is also the clothing style that consists of sporty and stylish pieces. Smart casual, on the other hand, is a clothing style where casual pieces are used together except for non-corporate formal wear. You can come to Coulfate to see the models that suit your style and taste.


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