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Designed for enhancing fit of the trousers to your body, the belts were more of a need than an accessory when they were first designed. This requirement has been carefully designed to match the pants, making it a stylish men's accessory. Even if you have a pair of trousers that fit your body perfectly, you can use belts with stylish designs to complement your combination. When you choose leather belts that are in harmony with your shoes, your other clothing elements will also look much nicer. In addition to the belts made with genuine leather in black, brown and gray tones, which carry your posture to a new level, the belts made of elastane are also very interesting. You can create combinations complementary to your everyday attire with these belts, as they are more suitable for sportswear.

Men's Belts

The word "men's belt" brings to the mind men who pay attention to their clothing and accessories. Men who have style and elegance are extremely careful about choosing belts that are in harmony with their shoes. Coulfate offers to your taste hundreds of different types of belts. From knit belt models to plain black belt models, you will be able to choose from hundreds of different types of men's belts. In comparison to women's belts, the number of designed belts are quite minimal for men. But this is not an obstacle to your style. The important thing is the harmony you have achieved in your combinations.

Leather Belt

This is a type of belt that is especially preferred for cloth trousers. It will be a perfect fit for your combinations that consist of thinner and simpler clothes. Many different types of men's belts are produced with a wide range of leather types and belts made out of genuine leather are generally more expensive than artificial leather products. The quality of leather makes the belt long-lasting and useful. It is necessary not to confuse expensive dressing with stylish dressing, so Coulfate has included both artificial and genuine leather belts in order to allow all men to be stylish.

Belt Models

Each year, the ever-changing adventure of fashion shows an effect on belts as well. Since the fashion trends change, men's belt models also change. New creations attract the attention of men who like to dress well and encourage them to research what to wear. In classical attire, artificial or leather belts are usually to choice to go with, while knitted or suede belts are more often preferred in sportive attires. You can consult your style consultant at Coulfate to shop for belts that are suitable to your clothing pieces. The belt buckle is so important that it can overshadow the pattern and quality of the belt.

Thick Belts

The answer to the question of wearing thick or thin belts usually depend on the type of trousers that you usually wear. The thickness of the belt loops of your trousers will tell you the answer to your question. Note that jeans always have thick loops and thick men's sports belts should be used with them. Thick belts make men with long legs appear longer while also achieving the same effect with shorter legged men.


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